Intro to Watercolors - October 1, 7pm


Intro to Watercolors - October 1, 7pm


When: October 1, 7pm
Location: The Little Blue Jay, 4687 S Atlanta Rd SE, Smyrna

Join us for a fun evening learning the art of watercolor! In this introductory workshop, Wild Blumen Ink will teach us all the watercolor basics + techniques, and after hands-on practice + step-by-step instruction, we’ll put our new skills to the test + create a final piece to take home!

This is a beginner’s workshop and no experience is needed.

*Special thanks to The Little Blue Jay for hosting us in their incredible space!

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After this workshop, you’ll:

  • Know the best materials/brushes to use for watercolor

  • Understand basic watercolor painting techniques (solid wash, wet on wet, wet on dry)

  • Know basic color theory and color blending

What happens if I need to cancel?
The workshop fee is non-refundable because the materials are purchased ahead of time for each person.