8 Tips to Flower Arranging You Need to Know

It’s always a great flower arranging workshop with Kristin from Floral Creations. She shared lots of important tips with us on how to arrange, cut and care for flowers. We’re sharing them with you below: 

  1. Start by filling your vase with fresh, room temperature water.

  2. If you choose to use "flower food", only use a pinch. Too much can actually be harmful for your flowers and kill them.

  3. When cutting your stems to size, use a knife or shears. Do NOT use scissors, they pinch the stems and prevent them from drinking water!

  4. If you're using a short vase, use floral tape to create a grid on the opening. This helps keep flowers in place (hint: the best kind of floral tape is sold by florists!).

  5. Once you've finished arranging your flowers, pour the water out of the vase to refill with fresh water. This will make them last longer.

  6. Keep all leaves and foliage out of the water in your vase - they drink it first and can keep it from hydrating the actual flower.

  7. Keep your stems as long as possible so they drink water and stay hydrated.

  8. Change your water every other day to get the most life out of your arrangement!

If you’re using oasis as the base for your arrangement, be sure to fill it with water completely and check it every so often. You’ll want to make sure the oasis is a little taller than your vessel to ensure the flowers have plenty of room to lay.