5 Ways to Spread Love

There’s lots of negativity in the world around us, so making it a point to spread love instead can make a huge difference. Here are 5 ways you can spread love to those around you:

  1. Snail mail. Imagine the delight someone has when opening the mailbox to a sweet card instead of a bill!

  2. Keeping little gifts on hand (hello, $1 Target section!) - you never know when you might need to send a little something to a friend or neighbor!

  3. Look for the good in others and speak it aloud to them. This kind of encouragement goes a long way and can be affirming to someone who might need to hear it.

  4. Pay for someone’s coffee or meal...anonymously. This is a fast way to bless someone! And who knows, you might even start a chain reaction of paying it forward. 

  5. Invite a neighbor to an activity with you. This is a great way to deepen a connection by attending a class or workshop (hint, hint!) together.