Tips on Hand Lettering Envelopes

Our hand lettering workshops are always really popular. It’s a skill you can use in so many different ways. Whether you’re lettering a glass frame or learning to address envelopes, there are so many creatives ways to incorporate hand lettering to elevate a gift or piece of home decor.

Here are a few tips for hand lettering envelopes to help you on project:

  • PRACTICE! This one may seem obvious, but take plenty of practice before starting on the real thing. Here are some free downloadable practice sheets you can use!

  • Use a pencil to create a “grid” to help you keep your lines + letters straight. You can erase the grid after your ink has dried.

  • There are 3 types of strokes: up stroke, down stroke + cross strokes. Down strokes are the only ones that use a thicker line, so you’ll press down harder on your pen creating a thicker line. You can also go back over your down strokes to shade them in more.

  • If your letter has nothing but down strokes (for example, the letter K), how do you know which part to thicken/shade? Choose the “constant” part of the letter, or the base.

If you’re a lefty, hand lettering can be a little tricky! Here’s a Youtube video to help all the lefties out there.