Soy Candle Making Tips

Our candle making workshops are always so popular - so we’re sharing some tips with you on how to make them at home!

Items Needed:


  1. Melt soy wax using the double boiler method or in the microwave using short heating increments (5 minutes) to not burn the wax (do not reach higher than 200°F).

  2. Pour melted soy wax into the candle wax pouring pitcher or directly into the mason jar for mixing (or any other glass jar).

  3. In a small glass measuring cup, pour fragrance oil (1 ounce per 16 ounce of melted soy wax; 0.5 ounce for 8 ounce melted soy wax). If using a plastic cup for fragrance oil, be sure to not let fragrance oil sit in plastic for too long because it will melt.

  4. When the melted soy wax reaches 180°F, mix in the fragrance oil for approximately 2 minutes.

  5. While the melted soy wax cools, get the candle jar ready by sticking the wick to the center of the jar using a wick sticker.

  6. When the melted soy wax reaches 135°F to 125°F, pour it into the candle jar with the wick.

  7. Center the wick using a center tool or stirrer.

  8. Once the candle sets completely, cut the wick to 1/4”.

  9. Close jar and let the candle sit for approximately 2 weeks before burning it to give it curing time.

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