Baking Tips for Shortbread Cookies + Royal Icing

Fall is here and that means it’s baking season! Here are some tips to keep in mind when baking shortbread cookies and royal icing to decorate them! We’ve also linked over to an incredible shortbread cookie recipe from none other than the Queen of the Kitchen herself - Barefoot Contessa.

Cookie Tips

  • Sift all your dry ingredients

  • Use room temperature butter

  • Chill the cookie dough for at least 30 minutes

  • Roll it on a non-stick surface to avoid a mess

  • Use a straight rolling pin

  • Line cookie baking sheet with parchment paper

  • Once they’re baking, do NOT open the oven door!

  • Let cookies cool completely before icing them

  • Store cookies in a cool, dry place

Royal Icing Tips

  • Sift powdered sugar

  • Mix until the shine is gone

  • Add water gradually to mixture

  • cover icing with a damp towel

  • Use toothpick to add color to the icing

  • Color icing in small batches

  • Put icing immediately into piping bag

  • Always test icing stream before decorating

  • Give icing 30 mins to dry on cool, flat surface

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