A Guide to Gift Wrapping

When it comes to creating beautifully wrapped gifts, some of us feel a little intimidated on where to start (raises hand). We learned all the gift wrapping basics at our Gift Wrapping 101 workshop and want to share those tips with you, along with some gift wrapping inspiration we’ve collected!

Step-by-step gift wrapping guide:
Supplies needed: wrapping paper, rope, double-sided tape, scissors, ribbon/twine, whatever accessories you want to add to your gift!

  1. Cut the wrapping paper - use a rope to measure the width of your box and then use the rope to cut the paper to size.

  2. Next you’ll fold the paper over the box and use double sided tape to close the wrapping paper.

  3. Fold one end of the wrapping paper down and use double sided tape to close the opening.

  4. Repeat step #3 on the opposite size of the box.

  5. Fold over the creases & edges of the box, and use double sided tape to fix any gaps or extra paper sticking out of the corners.

Ribbon tying technique:

  1. First decide how you want the ribbon/twine tied around the box.

  2. The rule of thumb is to double the length you’ll need to make room for any bows or doubling up of the ribbon/twine.

  3. Tie in your accessory or ornament as you tie the ribbon/twine.

  4. For larger bows, wrap your ribbon around your fist several times (no less than 5 times). Find a smaller piece of string to tie around the center, leaving two looped sides. Pull each layer out on either side, forming a full bow. Tape the bow onto your box, or tie it on using another piece ribbon.

A few other tips:

  • When picking a theme for your gifts, choose complimentary colors and try not to mix too many patterns together. A good rule of thumb here is to pick 1-2 complimentary wrapping paper colors, and mix up the ribbons or twine.

  • Choose a ribbon with wired edges to keep the bow in place.

  • Buy a wrapping paper that has a grid on the back side to make cutting in straight lines much easier! (Hobby Lobby carries a brand called “Brother Sister Design Studio” that’s great for this)

There are lots of ways to dress up your wrapped gift - this is a great opportunity to really get creative! Tie in a small Christmas ornament, include a piece of greenery like rosemary or a small part of your tree branch, or try a gold-dipped faux feather for something different. We’ve included some inspiration below:

Make your gifts stand out this year! Beautifully wrapped presents also add to the Christmas decor in your home, so it’s a win-win!