Planting 101 Workshop Recap

Planting 101 workshop leader Jackie Davis shares a recap and suggests some great resources for anything planting/gardening related!

If you have the inclination to garden, start small. Pick one plant and make a conscious commitment to care for it. Know that each plant has its own qualities and unique needs. The best place to begin is by reading the plant tag, which will give you the basic needs of each plant.

For further details, you will need to seek online resources or books on the specific plant-life you're caring for. The most reputable resources for gardening knowledge will be .edu websites.

The information you can gain from Universities is tried-and-true through research. The Old Farmer's Almanac is another longstanding gardeners source.  

Sometimes you won't be able to find information via a University or Farmer's Almanac for the specific plant or problem. Cast your net further, and seek information from various bloggers, nurseries and even Pinterest. The trick here is to verify the information you gain by cross-checking it with at-least three different sources.

The most underutilized gardening resource is your local Extension Office. Cobb County's UGA Extension Office is located just outside of Smyrna. They receive daily walk-ins and phone calls from local residents seeking answers regarding their gardening challenges.  Cobb County has over 300 Master Gardeners who volunteer in our county and part of our commitment is to our community and sharing knowledge to empower our neighbors.  If you ever have a question, curiosity or challenge in gardening, reach out to your Local UGA Extension Office.