The Make + Do Story

Hi! Welcome to the Make + Do blog. These posts will be filled with encouragement, tips from our amazing workshop teachers, how-to’s and a whole lot more. 

But before any of that, a little about our story. 

I'm Katie, founder of Make + Do. We're community based workshops in Smyrna, Georgia and we bring people together to learn from local makers and doers. We believe making and doing with your owns hands alongside others is more meaningful and more fun!

On an unseasonably warm day this past February, I really wanted to get outside and plant some flowers. My black thumb had me looking online for a basic planting workshop that I just couldn’t find. I decided to put together my own workshop and invite some friends - I even found someone local to teach it. As I got further into the process, I wondered what other opportunities existed to connect my community with a creative way to make/do/learn something new. That’s when this project was born. 

Make + Do offers community workshops on a variety of topics - from candle-making to home ownership 101 (both being planned as we speak so stay tuned!). Being able to gather and create alongside your community is a powerful thing. 

I'm passionate about advocating and helping people find their voice - it's ingrained in who I am. Part of this project is about the people who will be teaching these workshops. It's for the local person who wants to share their passion with others. There are incredible folks right here in our neighborhood with a story who are making and doing beautiful things, and this is one way they can share them. 

I’m so excited for all that’s to come. The future looks good.