Tips on How to Make a Fall Floral Centerpiece Box

Fall is riiiiight around the corner, and with it comes all the fun decor! One way to add a little something extra to your repertoire is a beautiful fall centerpiece box with live florals and other fall decor pieces that you can use year after year.

Floral Creations Florist shared some great tips at our fall centerpiece box workshop that will take the guess work out of arranging:

  • Use a flower oasis to keep arrangement in place (you can order these at any floral shop!). Try and avoid a dry foam base which is only good for faux flowers.

  • Be sure to soak the oasis for 30 mins to ensure it’s complete full of water.

  • When designing centerpiece flowers, create multiple focal points so that your arrangement can be seen from any angle on the table.

  • Pick a few pieces (such as greenery) to be taller than the rest of your florals which creates dimension.

  • When using a flower that has a weak or longer stem (such as a sunflower), get a water tube to hold the stem upright.

  • Check your water levels daily to ensure your arrangement doesn’t dry up!

Your centerpiece box can be transitioned to any season using holiday decor. For basic tips on how to cut, care for and water your arrangements, see this blog post from our first flower arranging workshop!